While the reputation of the Rocna for reliably quick setting and high holding power was built up over years of real-world experience and the feedback from thousands of boaters, Peter dwelled upon the thought: could Rocna be improved further?

The answer was yes, but with great care and consideration. The new Rocna Mk lI anchor is the first major improvement since the launch of the highly successful and acclaimed Rocna Original.

Rocna Mk II: Perfecting the Ideal

The Inheritance of Excellence

An idealized form of the Rocna design, the Rocna Mk Il is based on the same proven design pattern, but refines every element close to perfection.

The Rocna has established the highest performance and consistency of behavior when put to the test both by a worldwide array of boaters and in numerous independent tests. This performance is the result of careful design and engineering by Peter, and it is all completely retained and tuned in the new Rocna Mk II.

Peter has again put to work all of his knowledge and experience to develop an improved design that pushes the limits once more. The Rocna Mk II brings substantial upgrades in performance and strength by way of revision and refinement — inheriting and prating the original’s proven performance advantages for an extremely quick and reliable set across a range of seabeds, with rock solid holding power.

PRECISION SETTING: the roll-foil™ (A) ensures the anchor always arrives at the ideal angle for penetration, and helps the skids guide the fluke tip which chisels into the seabed for an instant reliable burial.

ROCK SOLID HOLDING POWER: A concave fluke (C) gives the greatest resistance. In soft seabeds, this provides the secure holding power you need. On hard or weedy sea floors, the weighted chisel tip (B) cuts through and bites deep.

ROLL-FOIL™: Sculpted from the Rocna roll-bar, the patented roll-foil™ (A) providing even surer self-righting for the most dependable set. The roll-foil’s sections vary in profile, each designed for its own dynamic role: to provide extra assistance if the anchor lands upside-down, to help during setting for deeper penetration and greater holding once buried (1), and to improve soil flow for reduced clogging.

I+V PROFILE™ SHANK: Working with high tensile steel, the Rocna Mk II shank (E)  is further strengthened by our patented I+V profile™ design. This computer optimized I-beam geometry brings higher resistance to bending, and the Mk II has the toughest Rocna shank of all. The I+V profile also further improves setting performance as the lower V-edge cuts into the seabed. This helps the anchor penetrate more easily to a deep and secure burial.

FLUKE: The Rocna fluke (C) has been redesigned and optimized for weight distribution, penetration, and strength. It enjoys a new weighted and reinforced tip (B). Steel moved (2) from where it is extraneous, to where it aids. The tried-and-true Rocna fluke is increased in surface area (3), for a substantial boost in holding power. And all attained with no trade-offs.

“Compared to the Rocna Original, it can either provide the same performance for a smaller size, or give you even greater security and confidence for the same weight. The original Rocna is still a remarkable anchor, but the design finds its best expression yet in the Mk II. I would say the Rocna Mk II is now the best investment choice in terms of anchoring any boater could make.”

— Peter Smith


Building on the rugged strength and thoughtful design of its forerunner, the Rocna Mk II is milled from the heritage of the Rocna Original anchor and the demands of innovation. Formed from high strength steels or stainless steels, and finished with the utmost attention to detail and quality. Form from function and function from form.


For ultimate performance and maximized safety, the Rocna Mk ll is the world’s premier anchoring investment. Designed and built without compromise, it’s rock solid.


Rocna anchors set fast and hold in all conditions, so you and your family or crew don’t have to be on constant tenterhooks. For the safety of your vessel, and everyone aboard, invest in the best anchor available. The anchor made by those who understand that when the storm hits, you need a rock solid anchor.

High Quality Build and Finish

Compare welds and finish on a Rocna anchor to other alternatives. A top performing product should be built like one, so the Rocna is manufactured with the highest standards of production and quality control to ensure a superior finished anchor.

Wide Competitively Priced Product Range

Available initially in sizes from 4 kg (9 lb) to 100 kg (220 lb) to suit small boats all the way to large yachts. Larger sizes coming soon.

Guaranteed for Life

Each anchor comes with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects plus both breakage and bending.

See the Film


Dimension drawings and full scale patterns are available here to evaluate fit dimensions.


See our sizing guide for a Rocna anchor to suit just about any vessel.


You can find your Rocha anchor in most places globally. Contact us for remote locations.

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