Rocna for Workboats

The original highly successful New Zealand design, Peter Smith’s tested and proven Rocna anchor is the ultimate anchor for use anywhere on the planet, leading the way in next-generation anchoring.

The Anchor of Choice for the Tough Job

Peter has lived and worked on the water his entire life – and he knows what workboat skippers need from their anchor.

Rugged Strength for the Toughest Business

Heavy-duty construction is attained through clever design and the use of high-quality steel. A high-quality hot-dip galvanized finish covers the entire surface with protective zinc, including the interior of the hollow roll-bar. A Rocna is strong, durable, and can be relied on to look after your vessel for the long run. Rocna – rock solid.

Get on with It

Single-piece design and construction eliminate complex adjustment systems and minimizes risk to crew members. There are no moving parts to wear or turn into potentially dangerous failure points. That means less for your crew to worry about, so they can get on with the job.

Rock Solid Performance

Rocna consistently out-performs the competition in independent testing. For example, in the SAIL magazine test of 14 anchors, Rocna was #1 in holding power… 40% more than the next best competitor. That translates to efficiency: more performance, more security, more reliability – for less weight and less financial investment.

SHHP Classification & Certification

The Rocna is an SHHP (Super High Holding Power) anchor, with classification at this time applying to sizes 55 kg (121 lb) to 110 kg (243 lb) and enquiries welcome for larger sizes. Society Rules permit an anchor size 33% less than HHP (Lloyd’s, RINA, and most other Societies) or SHP (ABS) types, and 50% less than “standard stockless” types.

Lifetime Warranty

Each Rocna anchor comes with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects, including bending and deformation. The sea is very powerful and it’s a tough game – Rocna has your business covered – for life.

A Story Of Performance

To learn more about the Rocna’s features, please refer to our page on the Rocna Original.

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