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Peter Smith, an experienced sailor who navigated over 350,000 nautical miles, faced a critical problem: he was carrying multiple anchors for different anchor conditions.  There was not one anchor that provided the security and reliability he needed in his extreme sailing conditions. He frequently encountered situations with high winds and unrelenting ice, where traditional anchors failed to hold fast. This lack of dependable anchoring solution for severe conditions left him and other sailors vulnerable to the unpredictable forces of nature, creating an opportunity to do better in the anchoring market.


Driven by the need for a more reliable anchoring solution, Peter Smith channeled his extensive boat-building experience into designing the Rocna Original. This anchor featured innovative elements such as a patented roll bar, high-tensile steel shank, and concave fluke, enabling it to self-right quickly, dig in deep, and set with exceptional strength. The Rocna Original set a new standard for anchor performance, addressing the shortcomings of existing products and providing unparalleled holding power.

Building on this success, the Rocna Vulcan was developed to offer an alternative for boats with bow protrusions. The Vulcan’s curved I+V Profile™ shank and redesigned fluke provided superior roll and set capabilities, delivering even greater holding power and strength without a roll bar. The evolution continued with the Rocna Mk II, combining the best features of the Rocna Original and Vulcan with design enhancements that optimized setting efficiency, burial, and ultimate holding power.


The Rocna anchor line quickly gained a reputation for excellence among sailors and boaters worldwide. Testimonials highlight the anchors’ outstanding performance in real-world conditions:

Rocna Mk II:
Storm Performance

“We have been through several major storms, including Hurricane Lee…the Rocna Mk II held fast for over 36 hours. Amazing anchor!”

Jon Blaicher, Wide-Eyed Adventures

Rocna Vulcan:
Mixed-Bottom Tests

“The Rocna Vulcan outperformed all other anchors in our mixed-bottom tests. It set reliably on the first attempt and consistently displayed superior holding power.”

Practical Sailor Magazine

Rocna 44: Holding Through
Hurricanes Irma and Maria:

“I am in St. Maarten on my Cheny Lee 44’, and the boat just went through hurricanes Irma, with winds gusting to 250 mph, and hurricane Maria right after with winds of 125 mph…that anchor never broke loose.”

Rourke Henderson

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