Rocna Fisherman

The Rock Solid Fish & Dive Anchor. Designed as a specialist anchor for fishermen and divers who run an increased risk of getting their anchor stuck on an undersea obstacle, the Rocna Fisherman features a shackle rail™ for easier recovery of a fouled anchor.

An Inheritance of Genuine Performance

The original Rocna has set the bar for the highest performance and consistency of behavior when put to the test both by a worldwide array of users and in numerous independent tests. This performance is the result of careful design and engineering by Peter, whose knowledge and experience is again invested in this variation on the theme of the ultimate anchor. The Rocna Fisherman is a variation of the Rocna Original, and enjoys identical performance to bring you all the same security and reliability as its elder sibling.

Choose the Rocna Fisherman

  • For smaller boats that re-anchor frequently.
  • For easier anchor retrieval in difficult conditions.
  • For day trips rather than extended cruising.

Finish: Galvanized
Sizes: 4 kg (9 lb) & 6 kg (13 lb) only

Convenience of Recovery

A float shackled to the dedicated retrieval line attachment point at the heel of all Rocna anchor flukes is the ideal recovery system, offering the best chance of a successful recovery in the event of a fouled anchor. However, the shackle rail™ system of the Rocna Fisherman offers convenience with automated recovery. This variant of the Rocna may be used in either of two distinct modes, as the shackle rail™ is complemented by a secure point which allows normal safe anchoring when the recovery functionality is not required.

If you believe the anchor is at risk of becoming stuck on the seabed, the rode is attached to the shackle rail™ slot. This mode should not be used overnight or if the boat is to be left unattended. To retrieve if and when fouled, the vessel is moved over the anchor with reduced scope, and the anchor is pulled backward. The shackle slides to the other end of the slot, an improved point from which to pull the anchor clear.

The secure point is shackled to for overnight anchoring, or when the vessel is left unattended. This prevents an unintentional un-setting of the anchor in the event of a wind or tide reversal.

Guaranteed For Life

Each Rocna anchor comes with a Lifetime Warranty against both breakage and bending in addition to manufacturing defects.

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