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Peter’s anchoring solution consistently returns top results in objective and independent testing. Released to the market in 2004, the Rocna has had a few years to amass independent testing results and real-world feedback.

The most significant and objective independent testing was done by West Marine testing of 14 different anchor types on three different sea beds, conducted by the US retailer and both monitored and reported on by SAIL and Yachting Monthly. The Rocna scored the highest in average holding power by far, some 40% in excess of its nearest competitor, the Spade. The testers commented that the Rocna exhibited “…superb, consistent performance. Held a minimum of 4,500 lb and engaged immediately.”

Rocna Reviews and Testimonials

Approaching boat anchor testing is inherently complex. Such tests take place in controlled environments, which may not fully replicate the unpredictable conditions that arise when relying on an anchor in real-life situations. We recognize the value of real-life testimonials from a myriad of our customers worldwide, which provide valuable insights into the practical performance of our anchors in various situations and in comparison with both old- and new-generation anchors.

Rocna consistently returns top results in objective and independent testing. Since 2004, the Rocna has led worldwide anchor tests as published in the likes of SAIL, Yachting Monthly, Practical Boat Owner, Voile, and others. Because of the Rocna’s reliable and convincing performance against its competition, Rocna is trusted to be rock solid in the real world.

I replaced my previous CQR anchor on my Bavaria 38 monohull with a Rocna anchor last year. The Rocna has been reliably fabulous. Recently I had to anchor in 25m with only 60m of chain in the 25-knot wind in a sandy bottom. The Rocna did not move an inch for 8 hours.

What a comfort to have such a reliable anchor. Performing beyond the specs! Thanks, guys, I recommend your product to my sailing fraternity.

Don Gadsden, Rocna on Bavaria 38

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our Rocna anchor. We purchased it 2 years ago and couldn’t be happier. Since we have been raving about it there is 5 more just on our dock since then. It’s very nice to find a piece of marine gear that works as advertised without question. Thank you!

I am certainly a very happy customer so far. I will sleep good on the hook tonight because I feel confident my anchor will hold.

Richard & Tonya White, Rocna Anchor

In 2016 we were in Squirrel Cove, Cortez Island BC on our Ranger R27, the Red Raven. We were traveling with our good friends Bonnie and Kevin Nasr in their 55ft Ocean Alexander, the Ocean Dream. The anchorage was filled with boats and so we decided to raft together with a stern tie to shore. High winds were expected overnight so for added insurance we used the dinghy to set our anchor as well.

The Ocean Dream had a 105 lb CQR and the Red Raven had a 33 lb Rocna 15. The winds howled all night and we stayed firm with no issues. In the morning we decided to make a run to the Squirrel Cove Public Dock for groceries and do laundry. We pulled the Rocna 15 and left in the Red Raven. The winds were still blowing but no worse than during the night. Several hours later we returned to find the Ocean Dream had dragged anchor and was perilously close to the rocks ashore. We quickly pulled the Ocean Dream anchor and re-anchored elsewhere in the cove.

Our conclusion was that the Rocna 15 had made the difference! The Ocean Dream now sports a new 121 lb Rocna 55!

Curt and Tracy Johansen, Rocna 15 on a Ranger R27

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your product. I am in St Maarten on my Cheoy Lee 44′ and the boat just went through hurricanes Irma which was a direct hit with winds gusting to 250mph, and hurricane Maria right after with winds of 125mph.

I had my boat in a marina with my Rocna 44 set on 3/4″ anchor line in about 15 feet of water and that anchor never broke loose. It held through both storms and stopped the bow of my boat from moving in a lateral motion. This probably saved all my dock lines from breaking. As you may know about 90% of all the boats on the island sank, so I consider myself very lucky.

I have owned boats for 35 years and your anchor is the best I have owned so far. Keep up the good work guys.

Rourke Henderson, Rocna 44

I purchased a Rocna Vulcan Stainless steel 25kg anchor. A rust blemish appear on the anchor, I polished it out but it returned. I contacted Rocna who organised a new anchor to be delivered to me and the old one was picked up by them. This process was done in a matter of days not weeks.

It was the smoothest process I had ever encountered. They are a company that stands by their product. I was very impressed with their after-market service. I am certainly a very happy customer so far.

I will sleep good on the hook tonight because I feel confident my anchor will hold.

— Mark Portelli, Vulcan 25


Rubicon 3 heads off on sailing expeditions to some of the world’s more remote areas and having a top quality anchor is paramount for us. Anchored off somewhere like the coast of Greenland, we need to know that our anchor will penetrate and hold in almost any environment.

It sets well, has huge holding power and deals effectively with difficult seabeds such as kelp. This is a top quality anchor.

Rubicon 3, Rocna on a Bowman 57

See Vulcan Anchor Independent Testing

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