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CMP Group brings a strong quality control background to the manufacturing of the Rocna anchor family. As the world’s largest manufacturer of marine anodes, and supplier to the major marine engine manufacturers, we are extremely familiar with producing metal products to exacting chemical and dimensional tolerances.

Since taking over Rocna anchor production, these quality control processes and procedures developed at our head office in Vancouver, BC, Canada have been incorporated into anchor manufacturing through our wholly owned subsidiary in China. Material traceability is one of the key elements of this program. Through tracking numbers embossed on every anchor, it is possible to trace the steel used in the anchor back to the original material certificates documenting its composition and mechanical properties.

There are multiple inspection points during the production of every anchor, both at the sub-assembly level and at final assembly. Our inspectors take quality very seriously, and maintain extensive documentation on each and every production run.

Robotic welding is used in the production of the anchors, to ensure consistency from one unit to the next.

Hot dip galvanizing is used to ensure a durable finish, and is carefully monitored to ensure the composition and thickness of the galvanizing layer.

The Rocna is an SHHP (Super High Holding Power) type anchor. During seabed testing for classification, Rocna anchors exhibited the highest holding power of any anchor that classification society RINA had ever certified. And when tested to destruction, Rocna anchors exhibit strengths up to six times the SHHP proof load requirements.

Currently sizes 55 kg (121 lb) to 110kg (243 lb) (galvanized models only) are fully type approved and classified by RINA. We are currently in the process of updating the Rocna SHHP classification for the full Rocna Original galvanized product range. To see Rocna’s current RINA certificate, please contact us.

Independent Testing of the Vulcan Anchor

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