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I replaced my previous CQR anchor on my Bavaria 38 monohull with a Rocna anchor last year. The Rocna has been reliably fabulous. Recently I had to anchor in 25m with only 60m of chain in the 25-knot wind in a sandy bottom. The Rocna did not move an inch for 8 hours.

What a comfort to have such a reliable anchor. Performing beyond the specs! Thanks, guys, I recommend your product to my sailing fraternity.

Don Gadsden

Rocna on Bavaria 38

The back story, and the reason why I was in 23 meters of water, is because the Philippine Navy denied me to anchor where I had chosen my spot in 10 meters of water because I was a foreigner anchoring too close to their jetty.

Time was running out and things were becoming desperate and the only other option, with a bit of protection from SW and confirmed mud bottom was the area with 23 meters. By the time we had deployed all anchors, chain and 3 bridals, the wind was already gusting to 25kts. The fact that the 2 Rocnas held me in an overall 5:1 scope with 1.5m waves was amazing.

Yes, I did run my engines to help reduce the loads. Lessons learned, and one of them is to never make a decision as to where to anchor until it’s less than 24 hours away. I made a decision 72 hours in advance, going South to put distance between myself and the typhoon. What was supposed to be an 80nm additional distance, ended up just 15nm.


Rocna 32 on a Catana 431

In 2016 we were in Squirrel Cove, Cortez Island BC on our Ranger R27, the Red Raven.

We were traveling with our good friends Bonnie and Kevin Nasr in their 55ft Ocean Alexander, the Ocean Dream. The anchorage was filled with boats and so we decided to raft together with a stern tie to shore. High winds were expected overnight so for added insurance we used the dinghy to set our anchor as well.

The Ocean Dream had a 105 lb CQR and the Red Raven had a 33 lb Rocna 15. The winds howled all night and we stayed firm with no issues. In the morning we decided to make a run to the Squirrel Cove Public Dock for groceries and do laundry. We pulled the Rocna 15 and left in the Red Raven. The winds were still blowing but no worse than during the night.

Several hours later we returned to find the Ocean Dream had dragged anchor and was perilously close to the rocks ashore. We quickly pulled the Ocean Dream anchor and re-anchored elsewhere in the cove.

Our conclusion was that the Rocna 15 had made the difference! The Ocean Dream now sports a new 121 lb Rocna 55!

Curt and Tracy Johansen

Rocna 15 on a Ranger R27

Hello Rocna Folks,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our Rocna anchor. We purchased it 2 years ago and couldn’t be happier. Since we have been raving about it there is 5 more just on our dock since then. It’s very nice to find a piece of marine gear that works as advertised without question. Thank you!

I am certainly a very happy customer so far. I will sleep good on the hook tonight because I feel confident my anchor will hold.

Richard & Tonya White

Rocna Anchor

I purchased a Rocna Vulcan Stainless steel 25kg anchor. A rust blemish appear on the anchor, I polished it out but it returned. I contacted Rocna who organised a new anchor to be delivered to me and the old one was picked up by them. This process was done in a matter of days not weeks. It was the smoothest process I had ever encountered. They are a company that stands by their product. I was very impressed with their after-market service.

I am certainly a very happy customer so far. I will sleep good on the hook tonight because I feel confident my anchor will hold.

Mark Portelli

Vulcan 25

I have recently purchased a Vulcan 44. We have a 65′ houseboat on Old Hickory lake. Part of the Cumberland river system. We typically boat with several friends with 70′ to 100′ houseboats. Most of these use a Fortress or Danforth style anchor. Often we may have 6 to 8 boats tied together. Usually light wind and very little current. But that said we almost always have to reset the anchor or anchors every weekend. Sometimes 2-3 times! So far that has changed with my new Vulcan anchor! It sets instantly and holds! To be fair we have only used it a few times. But we had 5,6, and even 7 houseboats tied up on that one anchor! All of my friends say they are sold on this anchor. I can’t say they each buy one. But some of them will!

I am certainly a very happy customer so far. I will sleep good on the hook tonight because I feel confident my anchor will hold.

Paul Barlar

Vulcan 44 on a 65' Houseboat

I can’t tell you how much we LOVE our Rocna. It has provided so many nights at anchor (over 350 at least) in peace knowing we will be in the same spot we dropped it in the morning. From the Great Lakes to the east coast, to the Caribbean and back we relied on our Rocna and she held fast!
Steve & Felicia Kas


I have a complaint about the Rocna anchor… it’s too good!

I have a 2002 Maxum 4200 SCR that weighs about 34,000 pounds with twin Cummins 450C Diesels. The anchor that came with my boat was a beautiful polished stainless steel plow type. That gorgeous anchor couldn’t secure my boat to save its life. I remember trying 10 times to anchor my boat in a calm bay and the damn thing wouldn’t catch. As an anchor, it’s life is over because I did my research and bought a 20 kilo Rocna. Each time I’ve anchored my boat after buying the Rocna, the anchor secured the boat on the first attempt. I had no problem using only my Rocna with two additional boats of almost equal size. Last week I was in about 16 feet of water in Biscayne Bay, Miami, FL USA ( sand and mud mostly ) and when it came time to pull the anchor up, my shackle broke and my Rocna was left at the bottom. Before the break, the anchor was so secure that it bent the anchor chain pulpit which is a very strong thick polished stainless steel. I had a Captain operating the boat and he was directly overhead and then tried to unhook the anchor by using various angles. The Rocna was burried deeply and securely set.

I was angry that I lost the Rocna (forgot to note the GPS location) but happy to know the Rocna was THAT GOOD.

I bought the exact same anchor a few days later along with some goggles and fins so I can search for my first Rocna. Knowing that the Rocna is so good, I’ll be prepared next time it sets too strong.

I can’t brag enough about this anchor so thank you for a great design.

Gregory Horton

Rocna on a 2002 Maxum 4200 SCR

I want to share a story of success with you. I bought a Rocna for my 10m catamaran and put it to a good test while anchored in Loch Eriboll on the north coast of Scotland. Despite a stormforce 10 blowing through the Rocna held firm which truly made me realize that I had made the right choice!

If you want to check out the footage, have a look under the ‘Other bits’ section of my blog and you will see a video entitled ‘The Rocna, my hero’!

Mark Thompson


Rocna 44 holds through hurricanes Irma and Maria!

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your product. I am in St Maarten on my Cheoy Lee 44′ and the boat just went through hurricanes Irma which was a direct hit with winds gusting to 250mph, and hurricane Maria right after with winds of 125mph. I had my boat in a marina with my Rocna 44 set on 3/4″ anchor line in about 15 feet of water and that anchor never broke loose. It held through both storms and stopped the bow of my boat from moving in a lateral motion. This probably saved all my dock lines from breaking. As you may know about 90% of all the boats on the island sank, so I consider myself very lucky. I have owned boats for 35 years and your anchor is the best I have owned so far. Keep up the good work guys.

Rourke Henderson

Rocna 44

Rubicon 3 heads off on sailing expeditions to some of the world’s more remote areas and having a top quality anchor is paramount for us. Anchored off somewhere like the coast of Greenland, we need to know that our anchor will penetrate and hold in almost any environment. It sets well, has huge holding power and deals effectively with difficult seabeds such as kelp. This is a top quality anchor.

Rubicon 3

Rocna on a Bowman 57