Vulcan 15 kg Stainless Steel

The Vulcan® brings the security and reliability of Rocna® to a wider range of boaters.

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Carefully designed to offer the greatest possible compatibility across a wider range of vessel bow configurations. Choose the Vulcan® for a snug fit on the bow of any boat, including those with platforms and bowsprits, for vessels from small runabouts to large yachts and powerboats.

  • Unique shank and fluke geometry combine with an innovative roll-palm™ to self-right the anchor on the seabed
  • The V-bulb™ extends fluke ballast downward to gain maximum leverage and efficiency
  • A larger fluke surface area and higher weight-on-tip than competing designs directly equate to more holding power and security
  • The omission of a roll-bar, along with a carefully designed shank profile, ensures compatibility on bow rollers
  • These anchors self-deploy from the majority of bow rollers, ensuring ease of use
  • High-tensile steel and a unique I+V profile™ shank design provide resistance to bending

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ANCHOR FINISH: Stainless Steel
ANCHOR SIZE: 15 kg (33 lb)
(North America)
DIN766  (Europe/New Zealand/International)
Grade L (Australia)
5/16" (8 mm)
TITAN SHACKLE (Part ID: 10319610): 3/8" (10 mm) High Strength, Forged, Hot Dipped Galvanized Shackle
TITAN SELF-RIGHTING STAINLESS STEEL SWIVEL: Type 1 (Part ID: TS31SU01), 3 (Part ID: TS31SU03) & 5 Swivel (Part ID: TS31SU05)

*Please refer to the chain specification for your specific windlass model.

These are only recommendations. The correct anchor and accessories are dependent on the boating environment & cruising style.


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