Rocna Mk II 4 (9 lb) Galvanized

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The Rocna Mk II anchor is the latest in the Rocna evolution of anchors.  It’s a culmination of engineering and craftsmanship, taking the best from each of it’s predecessors, the Rocna Original and the Vulcan.  It promises sailors and boating aficionados an anchoring experience second to none.

Shared Features Across All Models:

  • Quick and reliable setting across diverse bottom types
  • Exceptional holding power, ensuring stability in various conditions
  • Self-launching design for ease of use
  • Tandem anchoring attachment point for enhanced security
  • Lifetime guarantee, reflecting our commitment to quality

Why Choose the Rocna Mk II:

  • Innovative, Patented Roll-Foil™ Bar:  A sculpted variation of the Original roll-bar, featuring a series of unique shaped profiles designed to ensure the anchor arrives at the ideal angle for setting, and helps guide the fluke for tip during setting for deeper set and additional holding power.
  • Concave Fluke:  Weighted, reinforced tip the fluke offers unmatched resistance for different types of sea beds ensuring deep and secure anchoring.
  • High Tensile Steel Shank:  The Mk II’s shank is fortified with our patented I+V profile™ design, for improved strength and setting performance making it the toughest Rocna shank of all.

Each Rocna Mk II anchor ensures deep penetration and high holding power in various sea beds, from soft mud to hard sand, clay, grass, and kelp.

SKU: RM2004GS Categories: , Tags: , ,

ANCHOR SIZE: 4 kg (9 lb)

(North America)
DIN766 (Europe/New Zealand/International)
Grade L (Australia)
1/4″ (6 mm)
5/16″ High Strength, Forged, Hot Dipped Galvanized Shackle

*Please refer to the chain specification for your specific windlass model.

These are only recommendations. The correct anchor and accessories are dependent on the boating environment & cruising style.

Good for the lifetime of the original purchaser and non-transferable.

In plain English: The lifetime warranty applies only to the original purchaser. This is because the history of the anchor becomes difficult to determine once it is second or third-hand, and it may have been damaged and repaired at some point, so becoming weakened.

Read more details about our Warranty here

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