Rocna Fisherman 6 (13 lb) Galvanized

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A specialist anchor for fishermen and divers who run an increased risk of getting their anchor stuck on an undersea obstacle.

Choose the Rocna Fisherman

  • For smaller boats that re-anchor frequently
  • For easier anchor retrieval in difficult condition
  • For day trips rather than extended cruising
SKU: ROCFIS006GS Categories: , Tags: , ,

Finish: Galvanized
Sizes: 6 kg (13 lb)

Good for the lifetime of the original purchaser and non-transferable.

In plain English: The lifetime warranty applies only to the original purchaser. This is because the history of the anchor becomes difficult to determine once it is second or third-hand, and it may have been damaged and repaired at some point, so becoming weakened.

Read more details about our Warranty here

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