Rocna 110 (243 lb) Galvanized

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Independently Tested & Verified as a Super High Holding Power Anchor

The Rocna anchor is a true multi-purpose anchor that sets and holds in most seabeds, from soft mud to hard sand, clay, grass, and kelp.

• Narrow Shank Profile for Deep Penetration
• Wide Fluke and Chisel Tip for High Holding
• Self-Righting and Resets After Veering

What makes Rocna the best anchor in the world:

• Quick set across a range of bottom types
• Rock solid holding power
• Resistant to wind and tide shifts
• Self-launching
• Tandem anchoring attachment point
• Guaranteed for life

Choose the Rocna:
• For the best multi-purpose anchor that sets on all ocean floors.
• For vessels of all sizes, from small runabouts to superyachts, workboats, and small ships.

ANCHOR SIZE: 110 kg (243 lb)

G43 (North America)
(Europe/New Zealand/International)
Grade L
CHAIN SIZE: 5/8″ (16 mm)
TITAN SHACKLE (PART ID: 10319614): 3/4″ High Strength, Forged, Hot Dipped Galvanized Shackle

*Please refer to the chain specification for your specific windlass model.

These are only recommendations. The correct anchor and accessories are dependent on the boating environment & cruising style.

Good for the lifetime of the original purchaser and non-transferable.

In plain English: The lifetime warranty applies only to the original purchaser. This is because the history of the anchor becomes difficult to determine once it is second or third-hand, and it may have been damaged and repaired at some point, so becoming weakened.

Read more details about our Warranty here

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