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Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!!!! We just rode out Hurricane Otto in Bahia Santa Elana, Costa Rica, and the reason I am here to write this, in large measure, is due to you guys and my Rocna anchor.

Ocean Solutions & Rocna Anchors sponsored an event held in Airlie Beach prior to the main weekend rally in which they supplied a Vulcan Anchor to be auctioned off with the proceeds going towards Prostate Cancer Research.

I just purchased a new Vulcan anchor and I couldn’t be happier with the fit on my bowsprit. Purchased at Bacon Marine in Annapolis, MD after speaking with your reps in the Rocna tent. Knowledge and service was excellent all around. 

We were supposed to be rafted up with 4 other boats at Bobbin Head, but due to high wind, we all decided to anchor separately.  I dropped the Rocna and noticed it “take”.  Three of the other four boats dragged anchor and had to re-set.  When a couple of them lost anchor again, we all decided to... read more

The anchor is directly connected by a 12mm shackle to 65 metres of 10mm short link grade L chain which is in turn connected by splice to 40 metres of nylon rode.  The vessel has an LOA of 12.98m and a mass of 9 metric tons.

"Just bought a Rocna 15 for my Starlight 35 this season. Required a modification to the existing roller to make it fit which I have just installed.  The Starlight 35 and Starlight 39 have identical alloy bow roller fittings, so the same solution should work for both." - Simon

I would personally like to thank you for making a product that saved our boat today.  My husband and I live on our Sabre 34 Targa and have taken from Lake Michigan on a journey to the Caribbean which we are still en route to.

We purchased the 33kg Rocna (as you suggested) and have just returned from a two month long shake down cruise locally, prior to heading offshore in May. We had 60knts in the bay of islands prior to Easter & our anchor did not budge!

"Your product gives me the security I need to sleep at night when conditions deteriorate."

Since fitting a Rocna Fisherman to my boat I'm consistently catching more fish due to its fast grab characteristic which lets me anchor right in the zone every time and keeps me there.

Arctic Tern, a Bruce Roberts 434, recently complete the North West Passage, sailing 6250 miles from Newfoundland to Alaska using a Vulcan 33 as their primary anchor.  Some of the comments we received on their experience include:

Yes, this new addition to the Rocna line-up is certainly a good insurance policy for us and for our boat. With it holding us securely to the sea bed, our chances of living long are certainly improved. Now we just have to figure out how to prosper.